10 Real Estate Podcasts You Must Listen To


Podcasts emerged in popularity over the last couple of years. No surprise as they often provide nuggets of wisdom on topics that help people in everyday lives. They tackle a wide range of subjects such as how to kill and control fire ants in your yard or to more complex ones like how to make land investments. If you are a real estate enthusiasts, some podcasts can provide you valuable information on the go. To help out, here are ten real estate podcasts you must listen to make your job easier!

#1 BiggerPockets

If you are looking for real estate news and education, Bigger Pockets is the podcast that can give you both. Listen to it and take away all the valuable information shared. Hosts Brandon Turner and Joshua Durkin are both experts in investing backed up by years of substantial experience. While their background is a good plus, what makes them on top of other podcasters is that they keep a fun light ambiance. Their tone doesn’t change even while tackling complicated or sometimes dry subjects.

Moreover, they have a long list of connections which enables them to feature guests on every possible field of the industry: from commercial real estate  to flipping houses, to buy-and-hold, to Airbnb. If you want to learn more about it or any other stuff you want to know, BiggerPockets has probably discussed it on their podcast. If there’s a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ when it comes to investing podcast, BiggerPockets is it.

#2 Unlisted with Brad Inman

A wide array of topics, from how to view fluctuating markets across the globe to simpler ones like how to become a better agent, Brad Inman tackles it with wit. Inman has extensive experience in the real estate industry, which has helped him gain a deep understanding of the business and a great list of connections. His podcast is now one of the most referenced real estate news hubs today. Don’t miss hearing his conversations with top producers and influencers on a range of tips and topics within the real estate business.

#3 Tom Ferry Podcast

This lad isn’t new to the real estate stage. He’s been around in the business doing coaching and all other real estate stuff. What makes him stand out is his podcast tackles every facet of the business, from agents who are just learning the ropes out up to those multi-million dollar client problems. Plus, he is an enthusiastic and entertaining host – everyone is welcome in his podcast.

#4 The Best Ever Show With Joe Fairless

Joe is another host that injects enthusiasm and energy to his podcast without sacrificing the content value of the discussion. The topics remain seriously informative and entertaining, even though it’s on an implacable frequency. Joe also interviews his own selection of A-list real estate personalities that gives excellent insights and treats a wide of range of subjects with newer perspectives. 

#5 Hack The Entrepreneur

Whilst it is a non-real estate specific, the best selling author and business strategist Jon Naster dives into everything entrepreneur in his podcast. Well, for fairness, he did discuss a few real estates episodes. What’s important, though, is that his podcast can help you hurdle over any obstacle you could ever face as an entrepreneur yourself. You know the list of issue looming a business never ends, get ready to listen to his podcast every so often.

#6 Afford Anything

Host Paula Pant may be one the blessed one who has found the key to living a great life, spiced up with success and liberty. Her podcast mainly tackles lifestyle design, where she goes bit by bit into your life to make each day a little better than the previous one. Of course, the reason why we make money is to enjoy our life. What her podcast wants to help everybody achieve success in this way.

But, this doesn’t mean that no real estate knowledge is shared on this podcast. In fact, it is brimmed with it as this is jow Paula Pant achieved her status and no doubt, you could do it too.

#7 RETipster

Host Seth Williams is perhaps the most laid-back podcaster. He has his own demeanor which gives an otherwise complex topic a touch of friendliness. He has excellent knowledge of an array of real estate investing fields. The episodes cover pretty much everything from agents who are just starting out to more complex tips like increasing lead conversion rates. His expertise, though, lies in the land investment niche, which requires lesser monetary entry cost, but if done correctly, can reap significant revenues.

#8 Flipping Junkie

As the name implies, this podcast delves into the particular field of real estate – flipping houses. Run by couples Danny and Melissa Johnson, who have vast experience in the said niche, continue to share their knowledge. They invite other successful flippers to tackle the fundamentals of house flipping. If you want to focus on this field, then, this podcast would surely be a great help. Get to learn a lot of useful strategies and prevent making the same mistakes committed by others.

#9 Real Estate Coaching Radio

Hosts Tim and Julie Harris provide actionable advice each of the week on this podcast. Their episodes are inclined to make you act today and accomplish something, not doing it tomorrow, next week or when you have time. If you want a piece of advice that is specific, timely and is ready to put in place, you know which podcast are you going to listen to.

#10 Gary V’s Audio Experience

While again not solely about real estate, this podcast is excellent in tackling business and hustle. It has an inspirational vibe that would keep you moving when all you need is motivation. Host Gary Vee provides stories that will prove to you that you too can be successful if you have the right mindset. Vee provides good energy to the show and has a good selection of experienced guests that gives insightful talks on complicated issues.

There’s always something new to learn in the real estate industry, so never stop grasping information. It’s a great thing that with technology, fresh ways of learning also sprouted. Podcasts are an excellent way to consume knowledge wherever you are and get you the right steps on your path moving forward.


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