7 Simple Tips to Prevent Asthma Attacks

Asthma Attacks

Asthma is a condition of your body that creates an obstruction in the airways that are responsible for air transportation to and from your lungs. Any person who is suffering from this condition is referred to as asthmatic. The person who is suffering from asthma has swelling and inflammation in the lungs that make the airways highly sensitive to an allergic reaction.

All asthmatic patients have to follow a good routine to reduce asthma triggers in their surroundings. If an asthma sufferer comes in contact with asthma triggers then his condition goes worse. Luckily, by taking some preventive measures, the patient can control the symptoms and live a normal life.


If you want to sustain a normal life then it is very important to find out the main causes behind asthma attacks. The continuous exposure of triggers can lead to an aggravated condition such as continuous coughing, wheezing, and the problem in breathing. Therefore, the first step of asthma prevention is to recognize all probable triggers.

Usually, the most common trigger is polluted air, cold air, allergens, pollens, smoke, and certain fragrances. Also, start keeping a record of your asthma triggers.

You should monitor things for a few weeks and note down the changes in the environmental factors. Even a small change in the surrounding atmosphere condition can lead to a change in the asthma condition.

Whenever you face asthma attacks, note down the atmospheric condition. Sometimes, asthma triggers and not an obvious one, therefore, you should track and monitor the condition of the patients. Once you will find out your asthma triggers, then it will be easy for you to evade them and live a normal life. Here are some tips to prevent asthma attacks and live a normal life;

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1. Avoid Exposure of Allergens

It is one of the most important things to do to reduce asthma symptoms and attacks.  Allergens are described as substances that trigger allergic reactions. If an asthma patient is exposed to the allergens then he will experience inflammation in the airways.

Consequently, the person faces a problem in breathing and leads to an asthma attack. That’s why it is recommended to avoid exposure to allergens.  

To make your home allergens proof, you should install the latest technology ducted air conditioning Sydney. It will not just maintain a good temperature but also improve indoor air quality.

2. Stay Away From Smoke

Smoke can immediately trigger an asthma attack, therefore, asthma patients should try to avoid smoke as much as possible. Even second-hand smoke can lead to blockage into your airways. You should avoid all forms of smoke such as tobacco, candle and wood fire smoke. Avoid the smoking zone!

3. Take Allergy Shots

If you are suffering from allergies, then visit the doctor and take allergy shots to reduce the symptoms. This way, you can prevent aggravating the condition. If allergy season is arriving soon, then do not delay and immediately visit the nearby hospital for allergy vaccine or immunotherapy.

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4. Make Your Environment Allergy-Proof

You should upgrade indoor air quality and make your home allergy-proof.  You should take certain steps and these are as follow:

  • Wash your bedding twice a week and use hot water to gear rid of dust mites.
  • Install air conditioning Sydneyto reduce the number of allergens and pollutants inside your home.
  • Invest in a dehumidifier to maintain ideal moisture and get rid of mold in your home.
  • Vacuum clean your flooring and carpets twice in a weak. Make sure to use HEPA filter vacuum cleaners for efficient results.

5. Consider Flu Vaccination

You should take flu shots annually to build a strong immunity so that you can fight against the flu viruses. Do you know that flu viruses can make your asthma condition worse? An asthmatic person is more prone to conditions like Individuals pneumonia. If you take flu vaccination, then it can prevent you from flu and chest infections.

6. Be Prepared In Advance

It is a good idea to prepare yourself in advance. Preparation will keep your asthma under control by taking proper medicines. Also, you should know where you will get quick relief asthma medicines. In case, you are going out, then always take medicines along with you.

Also, know the atmospheric condition of that place in advance where you planning your trip. The Asthma attacks indicate that your health condition is not good. In case, you are receiving attacks frequently then consult your doctor and bring some changes in your lifestyle to recover your condition.

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7. Start an Asthma Action Plan

Organize a meeting with your doctor and create an asthma action plan that can help you to control your asthma attacks. While making a plan, you should note down the important information like your prescriptions, tips to manage asthma attacks, and how to avoid asthma indicators. The asthma action plan will help you to monitor your condition. If you observe that your condition needs immediate treatment then visit the nearby hospital.



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