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Dr. Madhuri Burande laha


She is one of the best gynecologist in Pune and has 20 years of experience in the field of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. She worked in high volume hospitals like Wadia maternity Hospital, Mumbai, CAMA Women’s and Child Hospital, Mumbai and Bhagirathi Neotia Hospital, Kolkata.

Her previous associations as a consultant are with renowed hospitals like Warad Hospital, Latur, Uppal Hospital, Faridabad, Apollo Hospital, Bilaspur , Columbia Asia Hospital Pune.

There are many benefits of normal vaginal delivery like quick recovery, more bonding between mother and child , better immunity of baby and off course no cut on uterus and abdomen so increased chances of normal delivery in next pregnancy. But as compared to cesarean, labour pains are strong and one should be mentally prepared for that. Epidural Analgesia is one option to decrease these pains. As Per Dr Madhuri, Unless there is medical indication for cesarean one should not opt for it just because one is scared of labour pains. At the same time she explains her patient that even after proper trial sometimes there is sudden need can crop up for cesarean. So patient should try their best with doctor for normal delivery but be mentally prepared for both options.

She believes in genuine trial for normal delivery and do cesarean only if medically indicated. And she counsel patients that they should try for normal delivery but doesn’t force decision on them.

She is expert in handling high risk pregnancy like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, placenta previa, oligohydroamnios(less water level), IUGR( less growth of baby)PROM( early water leakage), Preterm labour pains( early labour pains).


High risk pregnancy

Laparoscopic surgeries

Hysteroscopy Operations

Stichless hysterctomy( NDVH)

Consultation fee– Rs. 500

Her current association,

Madhuri Pregnancy & Gynae clinic, Office No 2, Supreme Arcade, Kharadi Rd, Rakshak Nagar, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

Motherhood hospital-S. No 13/1A/1E/2, Mundhwa – Kharadi Rd, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014


Patient Reviews for Dr. Madhuri Burande laha

“Dr.Madhuri Laha, Firstly, I really appreciate the fact that she does not enforce unnecessary medication and my experience with doctor Madhuri has been immensely satisfactory at first visit, I found she is very calm, understanding and reassuring. She will listen to all your questions and answer them as best as possible, you feel really better after listening to her”-by Doddapuneni Vanitha Chowdary

“I met her when i was in 6th month of my pregnancy. From the very 1st day she focused on control and healthy diet. I simply follow her all instructions and because of which today after delivery me and baby are fit and fine.”-by Ambika Sharma

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