Best Money Making Apps of 2021

Best Money Making Apps of 2020

Have you ever thought of earning money from your phone? It has become relatively easy today with smartphones. All you require is download and installing money-making apps to perform simple tasks to make some side cash.

Sometimes, you’re just relaxing at home or even bored. Use such moments to make extra cash at the comfort of your home or office. Isn’t it interesting? You only participate in answering survey questions or shopping via money, making apps, and earning some income!

Do you look forward to making money online? Here are legitimate and best money making apps to check out.

High paying money making apps of 2020


With this app, you get cashback for what you buy when you do a transaction using the app. wondering how it happens. A commission is given to Ebates for all customers they send to the stores. Then, Ebates shares the commission with you. Sign in for free and begin earning by transacting and referring your friends using Ebates!


This is among the best money making apps that offers you a chance to get cash back for your purchase. Before shopping, ensure downloading the app and then adding offers on those items you regularly buy.

After buying the items selected in any official store, you will get some cash. Make sure not to forget the receipt when purchasing. It’s that receipt you will use to redeem your offers for the bought items. Within 48 hours after sending an image of the receipt for goods purchased, the money will be deposited to your Ibotta account.


Saving is a vital aspect of growing yourself. If you are looking for money-making apps, to begin with, micro-saving, get onboard with Acorns. Once you purchase using the acorns app, it rounds up all the purchases to the nearest dollar. The dollars acquired are invested on your behalf. It isn’t an easy thing to save. But with acorns, it makes keeping possible and easy.


You will find many money making apps online that pay you for participating in testing products, searching the web, watching videos, or taking surveys. Though the app will not make you reach, it’s a great way to earn extra income while relaxing or passing the time.


Health fitness is the goal of every person today. Did you know there are money-making apps that pay you for losing excess weight? With the HealthyWage app, you put your money at risk but with chances of earning up to 10 thousand USD.

Guess you are eager to know how it works! Well, you begin with the Healthwage price calculator. Here, you provide information on the amount of weight you seek to lose and the period it will take you. Then, you give the amount ready to be in a month. If you manage to lose the weight as agreed, you earn money. In case you don’t, your money is taken. So, after betting, it’s up to you to engage in activities that help you lose weight.


Foap is an app where you get money by taking photographs. It doesn’t require you to be a professional photographer. All you need is to learn to take quality photographs using a smartphone and begin to earn.

Get on board with Foap money-making append win hundreds of dollars. The app has a feature called missions. It’s on that platform where companies will let you know the type of videos and photos they need about their brands. Once you decide to pursue that mission and accept your videos and photos, you earn significantly from them.


Saving cost is like earning money! The trim app is among cash making apps that serve as a personal financial assistant. Through the small app, you got a chance to negotiate the Comcast bill and pay a lower price. You can even reduce the cost of your car insurance. The app offers you avenues to save money. Once you link the trim app with the bank, your expenditure is analyzed to help save cash.


Ways of earning extra income have been expanded through money making apps. Pick any of the above apps, respond to surveys, watch videos, or purchase via an app, and you will earn some cash. Even when bored or relaxing, you can take that chance and get some money through money-making apps.

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