Full Transformation of Face with Fat Transfer

fat transfer to face

With the aging of the facial area, the fat tissue under the skin is reduced. The aesthetic appearance of the face disappears with the loss of elasticity of the tissues. The purpose of facial fat transfer is to eliminate fat loss by providing fullness, deep wrinkle removal and fat injection. A completely natural, long-lasting solution for facial rejuvenation

Fat transfer can be used to plump lip, reduce under-eye bags, fill forehead lines, remove wrinkles and shape the chin. Since the adipose tissue will completely blend with your face, it produces results that are compatible with your facial expressions. Thanks to the fat transfer to face, your thinning skin structure becomes more quality. Your skin begins to rejuvenate and look smooth. 30% of the fat injections on the face dissolve with time. Since the face area is not very mobile, 70% of injected fats can be permanent for life. Fats on your face, just like other fats in your body, will melt as you lose weight.

Concentrate of Lips

The lips may be structurally thin, or the thickness of the lips may decrease due to the loss of fatty tissues in the lips with advancing age. Lip aesthetics offers solutions to people who have aesthetic problems due to lip thinness. In lip thickening, it is important that the patient accurately express what kind of lip he wants to the surgeon. Your plastic surgeon will determine the right approach to lip thickening according to the patient’s needs. In general, the desired appearance of the lips; the lip is curved outward, the red part of the lip is thick, and the pencil-shaped lip line appears to be full. Generally, the most common complaint is that the red part of the lip is thin.

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Fat Transfer to face

Our skin starts to develop deformations due to natural aging processes such as the decrease in the amount of hyaluranic acid and aging of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin. One of the most commonly used methods for patients who are uncomfortable with these wrinkles on the face is fillers. These fillers are placed under the skin with special cannula or injectors.

For filling the lines on the forehead, eye edge, lip contour, between the two eyebrows, from the nose to the edge of the lip, in the lines in the chin region, to treat the cheekbone, cheek and under-eye areas to give a more full-bodied appearance, treatment of pits formed due to skin diseases and lip thickening fill method is used.

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How can fat injection have a youthful effect? Fat transfer to the face was used years ago to treat scars. Liposuction technique developed with the aesthetic technology developed over the years and the youth effect of fat cells was discovered. Today, adipose tissue has become a frequently preferred method to create a fullness and youth effect. Fat injection on the face improves skin quality over time, eliminates wrinkles and removes sagging. This is because the injected fat cells contain stem cells. In other words, these stem cells in the adipose tissue support the skin to make the face healthier and younger. So

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