How to start selling shirts in India


No business or start-up can turn into success overnight. It takes years for the business to grow, and attain the position in the market. And, for which a lot of persistence and patience are required by the owners of the business. You, as a businessman, need to hold on to the business tightly at least for one to two years to understand the “how” and “why” of the business.

Not many things change in case of a t-shirt selling the business as well. Running a business requires a bit of smartness, and if you do that, the failure rate of your business will tend to zero. In the end, it is all about your “brand value”, and your faith in your business.

See, the main thing is not about selling t-shirts. That is because there are already many people around you who are in the same business and focusing on the same goals as you. Your aim is to be better than your potential competitors. So, focus on your brand as that’s going to be the line that will differentiate you and them. Here, we will discuss how to start selling t-shirts in this country.

Choosing a niche

If you have a specific theme around your t-shirts, it will prove to be more beneficial than random designs on your t-shirts. To stand out with from competitors in the market, you definitely need to find the right balance for your brand. And to do that, you need to choose one particular niche. For example, if you decide to put some funny slogans on your t-shirt. How are those funny slogans going to be different than the rest is the primary question you must ask yourself. Be creative about what you are focusing on, and be specific.


It is not surprising to know design plays an important role in the business. Design is the parameter that will help you set apart from your competitors. Obviously, none of your customers would want to wear a replica of some other brand. So, you need to make sure that your ideas are original, and not copying the existing ones in any way.

The design need not be complex, but it needs to show your creative side. It should lure the customers to connect with your brand than your competitors. You can either create the design, buy some existing design and modify accordingly, or even hire a designer using the freelancing sites like Upwork.

Creating a design should always be your first preference because that will set you apart from all of them.

 If not creating it yourself, then you can also choose to hire someone through the numerous freelancing sites. If freelancing sites do not fit your requirements, then the last option is to buy some already-made designs.


Even before design, the customer is likely to check the cloth – whether it is comfortable or not, whether the colors will get dissolved after one wash or not and etc. So, the quality should definitely be on top of the priority list. Do not sacrifice on the quality of the cloth.

Also, apart from the quality of your t-shirt, you may also need to decide which method of printing you need to follow. Every method has its pros and cons. It depends on how much time and investment you are willing to put into this. You need to be very careful when choosing your printer. It would be good to pick a company like custombaba to outsource printing. There are many methods available in the market like Screen Printing and Heat Transfer.


Your business is the brand that you are promoting. So, you need to make sure the value of your brand. Your brand is supposed to connect all the parameters like niche, quality, and designs. The competition is really high, so you need to buckle up with the competitors. Your business should be able to capture the customers, even among the abundant number of business choices the public has.

Validating the designs

Before you end up spending lots of money on this business venture, you should definitely verify that your designs have a value in the market. There are many ways by which you can validate your designs.

Share your work with your peers through social media. Tell your peers to give you an honest opinion, for criticism will yield your best results. And, again, there is nothing better than the e-commerce platforms to test out your designs before you sell them in the market.

Setting up your store

Once you are done with everything from the designs, to the niche, to the quality of your t-shirt, and the printing process, it is the time for setting up the store. You’d have surely heard about Shopify.

There are a lot of t-shirt print-on-demand drop shippers that integrate through your Shopify store. This makes running your business really easy. What these drop shippers will do is they will print and ship your orders to the customers on your behalf. This would happen every time you are going to receive an order. There are many Shopify drop shipper applications like Printful, Printify, Teelaunch, Print Aura, and Merchify.

Another way of selling your t-shirts is offline. In this case, you can get in touch with a retailer who can give you discounts on the number of t-shirts that you buy from them. Keeping a good relationship with the retailers can help you with the cost-cutting as well.

Thus, this is all about starting to sell t-shirts in India. So, hopefully, now we all know that selling t-shirts requires no rocket-science. It’s just about using your creativity, and marketing skills as well to ensure that you are running the business effectively.

Introspection about the business with yourself and this must be done at some point to ensure that whatever you are creating is in accordance with the client. Make sure that your brand value is constantly kept market. Because the brand value is what is going to help your business soar higher. This is all there’s about selling t-shirts in India.



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