How Will Technology Be In The Future


When we think about 2030 it seems like, it is ages from now and we imagine a completely different world. The world is improving every day, by inventing and discovering new things and without these achievements we would not have progressed so far. Developers, scientists and designers are trying to make our lives simpler and interesting.

Below shows some future technologies that you can expect in next 10 years.

IoT (Internet of Things)

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IoT is one of the next big innovations in home technology. IoT devices will allow the user to control anything from air conditioning to security also via voice command and a small personal assistant. By 2020 almost 95% of electronic devices will be connected to cloud and to the internet. The more data that IoT devices collected, the smarter they will become.


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It is basically developing a hardware or software that is capable of doing things automatically without human support. Automation related technologies may create jobs or raise wages. Industrial automation controls the systems such as computers, robots and other technologies for handling different process to replace a human being.

Smart Cars

Smart Car (Self Drive)

Self driving cars will make driving safer this may reduce the deaths and injuries on our roads. According to some research, it has been proven that self driving reduces can reduce the traffic and also they could bring some changes in our life style as well. In smart cars we just have to insert the start destination and final destination for our journey. The rest will be taken care by the automation system.

Internet will be Free for Everyone

Internet is just a network of routers connected together such that one node can communicate with another node. Almost 48% of the global population has the internet reach. Sooner or later internet will become free for everyone. The biggest advantage of using internet is  it helps to communicate with people in different parts of the world. Chat rooms and video conferencing are some of the latest technology that allows people to contact in real time.


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Robot technology is growing day by day. Even some of the developed countries have produced various robots with different shapes and uses. Robots are not only used in IT sector, they are used in the field of pharmacy, the profession of doctors and nurses can be replaced by robots.


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Li- Fi has been experienced for last few years and the interesting fact is that data transfer speed. Li-Fi uses the light to transfer the data rather than WIFI. Because the light spectrum is 10,000 greater than the radio spectrum with more bandwidth.

Technology has become one of the most integral parts in development of nation. Some technological advancement brings the promise of higher productivity, efficiency etc. There are also some significant challenges that are associated with the impact of technology on jobs, skills and other nature of work. Technology is a powerful tool that supports and transforms the educational field. Technology is advancing with a speed of light, Also it has transformed our lives and changed the world.


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