Overview on Features and Functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a universal ERP solution for midsize and small scale business that lack resources but want to leave a mark on the global business world. The dynamics NAV is an easy to use, versatile, flexible, and quick support to industry-specific business. Whether you want to control financial planning, management, supply chain management, sales force, manufacturing operations or purchase management; Dynamics NAV has the capacity to support your business and target scalable growth.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade and implementation are delivered by Microsoft dynamics partner. The Dynamics partner is well-trained, expert professional team who understand the nuances of business and deliver Microsoft business solution accordingly. The partners are guide and supporter of business who strive for business growth whilst having adequate ERP solutions to manage smooth workflow. If you have a business in Australia, then contact Nav Partner Australia to get your Microsoft Dynamics subscription.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive, end to end business solution that transcends traditional ERP solution and unifies them with modern outlook. This dynamics platform is a cloud-based technology that offers access to any device, irrespective of location. The dynamics solution offers a seamless workflow with advanced security features.  Nav Partner Australia takes charge of providing seamless user experience and handling customer data security for your business.

Microsoft dynamics Nav can be seamlessly integrated with various Microsoft tools such as Office 365, Power BI, Power Apps, and Flow. Apart from its functional features, dynamics nav can be integrated with third-party products specific to your business requirements as well.

Key function of dynamics NAV and what you get with every upgrade

  • Financial accounting and management

Dynamics NAV not only manages your financial operation but also allows you to manage better and control your books of accounts. The business finances include general ledger, receivables and parables book, cash flow analytics, accounting allocation, bank transactions, ban reconciliation, banking and asset management and many more.

  • Manufacturing management

If you are a manufacturing unit, Dynamics NAV can help you better manage your various manufacturing units, handle manufacturing process, handle demand forecasting, and manage supply chain system. Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows keeping sync of the manufacturing process with the supply chain in order to have a smooth workflow and avoid stocking of materials.

  • Project management

Dynamics NAV not only handles your work process but also makes the business capable of handling multiple projects and accomplish them on time. This functionality helps in keeping track of projects; handles the cost, create estimates, and manage time sheets. Project management feature helps the company in delivering customer satisfaction and enhance better work management.

  • Sales and marketing management

Dynamics NAV streamlines your sales and marketing process by handling contacts, organize and execute sales, manage marketing campaigns, manage sales opportunities, and automate sales related tasks.

Apart from the above major functionalities, Dynamics NAV upgrade also handles built-in intelligent apps, supply chain management, service management, and reporting.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a universal ERP solution for midsize and small scale business that
lack resources but want to leave a mark on the global business world.


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