Persian Cat Maintenance for All the Responsible Owners

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How would you feel when you have a doll-like face cat running around you? Undoubtedly it will be far more pleasing when those tiny little claws with green eyes sit on your lap and want them to be cuddled. The fluffy bodies and the flat face makes these kitten look adorable. But do you really want to make them feel comfortable? If yes then you need to know in details about their habits and way to care.

Undoubtedly they look similar to dolls, but being the cutest among the other breeds there is a need to take proper care. Their glamorous appearance requires hard work and paying full attention. Persian cat price in Pune might be on the higher side than others, but with Mummy Cat you can get the best of them.

So to take proper care of them, let us have a look at the details.


English speaking countries know these round face long hair cute kittens as the Persian Longhair. They are famous as Iranian cat in Middle East and Shirazi cat in Iran.

The story behind this these cats is that these beautiful long haired were being imported in the European countries. Gradually their popularity grew and as a result more people from France and Italy started breeding.

Habit and Nature of Persian cats:

They are from those species that are playful bit not to the extreme, as they love to stay calm at times. They are known to adjust in any situation but mostly they prefer composed environment. These peace loving cats are mostly preferred by the owners because of their calm nature.

This breed extremely friendly in nature and hence they can easily bond with dogs, owners and other cats. Even if you have children you will be pleased to know that this breed can make peace with kids. The Persian cat price in Pune is affordable and hence you can buy one today.

Undoubtedly, they are at the best health when kept indoors. Besides, they require daily cleaning and grooming to maintain their appealing appearance, Moreover since they cannot take the hot weather, it is mostly suggested to keep them indoors.

Since they are small and fluffy in nature, they are not capable of fighting for defense. Moreover, since they are lazy compared to other breeds, they are found to sleep more than normal cats.

Physical appearance:

The Persian cats are available in variable sizes which range from small to medium size.  They generally weigh from 7 to 12 pounds as their stature. They are mostly known as Brachycephalic or flat and short face structure.

Since they have unique face shape it makes them difficult to pick up their food and eat. This is why this breed makes use of the underside of their tongue. They are available in 200 different colors which ranges from simple white to tri color marks to smoke.

Their distinct appearance with a huge rounded head and rounded eye, full cheeks, short nose, tiny ears with round tops makes them look cute.


As mentioned earlier, Persian cats require daily grooming because of their long hair. Compared to the other breeds, they require extra attention and time. The more you spend time and effort on them, the more they will shine and maintain their appearance.

So what you need to do as a daily routine?

  • Brush the lengthy hair at least once to eliminate the dirt and tangles from the hair
  • Bathing them once a week to ensure no bacterial infections
  • Brush them once or twice a week so that they would not get periodontal diseases
  • Trim their nails once or twice in a week
  • Clean their ears on a daily basis
  • Clean their watery eyes with cat wipes or damp cotton balls
  • Clean the litter box every day, as there are chances that the litter might get attached to the coats or paws

If you Buy Persian cat online in Bangalore from Mummy Cat they can provide you with more information regarding the ways to groom which will maintain their appearance.


As they have stubby noses, there are chances of inhaling pathogens that again can severely affect their respiratory system. Normal cats consist of the additional defensive layer in the noses which prevent pathogens and bacteria from entering inside.  

Another very common disease they get is the heart diseases which are also known Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This can severely hamper their health condition.

Luckily there are medications out there that can help your cat to get rid of these diseases. The most common sign of this disease are:

  • Intolerance to exercising
  • Abnormal sleeping
  • No interest in grooming or eating
  • Breathing through open mouth.

Some other diseases include the inherited diseases that generally affect their kidneys. The common symptoms are:

  • Frequent urination
  • Weight loss
  • Depression
  • Excessive drinking water
  • Loss of appetite

So in case you find these symptoms, better check with the vet as soon as possible to get rid of any such health problems in future.

Bottom Line:

Persian cats are one of the most adorable reeds in the world and hence to take care of them you need to do a bit of hard work. If you are in search of one such cat, contact Mummy Cat to buy Persian cat online in Bangalore.

They are a reliable breeder who takes good care of their cats. They also offer health certificates with each and every cat you take from them. So contact them today and enjoy having a little creature around you every time. 


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