Simple Way Get to know your home’s electrical system


Every house has an electrical system, and electricians and third-party helpers usually maintain it, while the fact that you should be the one knowing about it just in case anything goes sideways. Drive Jacket offers a wide range of jackets along with cosplay costumes like Michael Jackson costume. One day or another, you are going to use the basic knowledge about electrical systems in your daily life, so before that day comes and you stand there clueless, let’s get to know some of the basic key points that every person should know about their home electrical systems.

1. Understanding GFCI

The term GFCI stands for Ground fault circuit interrupt. One of the most common issues that every electrician faces when they get a call from their customers, is the failure in the bathroom circuit. GFCI are safety devices which are usually installed for bathrooms and exterior outlets. These devices instantly and automatically cut the power in case a circuit is losing amperage. These GFCI devices protect the circuits like the ones in the bathroom since they are not isolated circuits. This may get confusing since the GFCI devices are installed in the electrical break box with the rest of the breakers. One should always know to check the GFCI device when they feel like the breaker going down.

2. Understanding your main panel

You should always have basic information about your security panels and your electric panels. Your central panel directly allows the electricity to flow inside your house through separate breakers. The breaker, or one can also call it the fuse, will stop working itself if it ever starts to reach a dangerous level of electric current. The electric panel controls all your current throughout your home, if anything goes sideways, you can always shut your breaker which will result in the power cut of the entire house.

3.  Low Voltage also indicates danger

We say if we get high voltage, it may affect and damage devices and outlets. On the one hand, where this is true, on the other hand, low voltage is equally dangerous. There are basic precautions that you can use to save yourself because anything bad happens.

Even a simple spark caused by low voltage can do loads of damages. Sometimes even low voltage wiring can generate a higher than usual current, which can cause distinct types of damages. One of the most common issues with low voltage is mild electric shocks when working in low voltage. To be precautious of these issues, always wear a rubber slipper when working as rubber is an insulator and doesn’t let electricity pass through them, keeping you safe.

4.  Use safety gears

We all know rubber and plastic are great insulators, and thus they help minimize the risk of getting shocks or being electrocuted. There is basic safety gear that is used when working with electrical instruments. Always keep insulators near you and electric conductors far away from you. These safety gears include,

  • Face shields
  • Gloves
  • Goggles and glasses
  • Gowns
  • Headcovers
  • Shoe covers

5.  Taping down or holding down a circuit breaker is a disaster

Circuit breakers are meant to break the flow of electricity, that is why they are called breakers. One is never supposed to keep a circuit down forcefully. When a circuit breaks, it is indicating you that there is an issue, and you need to fix it. So, rather than forcing down a circuit breaker, always learn about the problem, either fix it or call an electrician to fix it as they have way more knowledge than you do. Never force a circuit breaker to hold down when it isn’t down since it shows that there is an issue to be resolved.

Learn how to reset a circuit; you don’t need to work much for that; there are amazing tutorials or books that explain how to reset a circuit.

6. Tamper-resistant Receptacles

Tamper-resistant receptacles which are advised to every single household where there are children and toddlers. Children tend to insert unwanted objects in circuits and power outlets. These tamper-resistant receptacles are designed to stop children from inserting sharp or electricity conducting objects such as a paper clip or a butter knife inside a power outlet. These are some of the most amazing inventions ever, and every household is advised to use it.

7.  Grounded receptacles

A grounding wire is used to prevent electric shocks in a household or a building. To be precautions, one should replace their two-pronged outlets in their houses with three-pronged outlets to be safe and secure as the three-pronged outlets are grounded and thus are a precaution from electric shocks – this is mentioned in the National Electrical Code.

8. Regular checks

One installation of electric systems won’t ensure your safety. You need to make sure to keep regular checks in the electrical systems. These electrical systems should be hardwired and should be working in proper conditions to keep the people staying inside safe and sound. It should be made sure of the proper wiring of the system along with receptacles to prevent electric shocks and power shortages in residence.

Electricity is nothing to be played with, one wrong step, one mishandling, and it can cause severe damages. These are some of the basic information that everyone should have to make sure to satisfy themselves that they are living in a safe and secure residence.

You don’t have to be or live with an electrician to make sure that the house you are living in is safe and electric shock-free. It is mandatory to keep this basic knowledge for your good. Along with knowledge, one is supposed to keep safety gear inside their residences to ensure safety. These safety gears also include electrical shock prevention systems, fire alarm systems, which can help eliminate fire instantly if it is caused by any short circuits or other electrical mishaps.


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