The age Verification process started on Instagram, users under the age of 13 will not be able to use

Instagram Verification

Instagram is forcing all users globally to enter their date of birth to use the application. Its purpose is primarily to remove children under the age of 13 from the platform.

Instagram is now forcing all users globally to enter their birth date so that they can use the platform without any problems. Last year the photo-sharing app announced that it would soon make age verifications mandatory on the platform. Its purpose is primarily to restrict the use of the app to children under the age of 13. In addition, Instagram will use this information in advertising so that it can show you ads according to your age while using the app.

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This message is visible on Instagram

The photo-sharing app is prompting users to fill in their date of birth details immediately. The pop notification reads, “Before you can continue using Instagram, you must provide your birth date, whether this account is for a business or a pet.” “It helps us protect the young people in our community. We will also use your birthday to enhance your experience, including ads.

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There is no other option other than the birth date

Instagram also tells users that this is a mandatory process and they do not have the option to bypass it. But if some users try to circumvent the ban by providing fake birth details, Instagram has an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that helps in finding out the exact age of its users. Instagram started asking for edge verification as an optional feature in 2019. Till now, Instagram allowed users to use the platform without specifying their date of birth. Now if you want to use Instagram, then you have to give the correct information.

What was the Instagram Kids Details feature?

Last year, Meta was found working on a kids-focused version of Instagram Kids, dubbed Instagram Kids. But the company faced severe criticism from government bodies for increasing the use of Instagram among children. Advocacy groups and officials, including the US State Attorney General, urged META to drop the plan. Since then, the company has stopped development of the Kids app.


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