The Cuisinart Toaster Oven – Products with multiple features

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Like most Cuisinart’s quality Microwave ovens, this is a superior design for a countertop oven; but why did they put access to the crumb tray in the back?

Rotating the oven on the countertop to access the crumb tray is a minor nuisance; and an interior light with this unit would have been nice as well since our kitchen is not the brightest lit working area of the house. But the Cuisinart Toaster Oven is a superior countertop convection oven. It looks great on the counter, is extremely easy to use with the push button controls and factory presets, and pizza, bread, and muffins come out nicely browned and crisp.

It gets up to temperature much faster than a regular oven, and is more cost efficient for smaller meals and snacks than using the regular oven.

While a little more expensive than other models available, it is definitely worth it for the Cuisinart name, as well as superior baking capabilities in a countertop toaster oven and broiler.

Excellent convection oven capabilities

And the convection oven works exceptionally well; the fans kick on and circulate the heated air throughout the over to insure even cooking in 33% less time than your regular oven.

Plus, they are whisper quiet…. This convection oven makes no more noise while operating than my refrigerator does in the background.

It gets up to temperature very quickly (no more waiting around for your oven to preheat), and the Cuisinart even shade control with “exact heat” sensor makes certain that the oven temperature remains exactly where you set it. And with its brushed chrome interior, removable trays, and tempered glass see through the front door, clean up is a snap.

Why Use Convection Ovens

When looking for countertop toaster oven, you want one that actually does a great job of baking or roasting; but you also want one that does not take up your entire countertop.

The Cuisinart name is synonymous with high quality; and their line of countertop toaster and convection ovens follows this tradition.

This week we review the Cuisinart Countertop Convection Oven.

Cuisinart Oven comes with…

Both broil and bake oven capabilities
A convection oven feature
A slide out front access crumb tray for easy cleaning
An easy cleaning non stick interior
A 1500 watt element and 60 minute timer

The Cuisinart Microwave ovens – Great for Small Items

This is a perfect combination convection/toaster oven ideal for those smaller meals and snacks that you used to have to bake in the regular oven.

This countertop convection oven does it all; and it does a great job at each task. For small baking projects, our testing with muffins and pizza shows that this countertop oven does a better job than the regular oven while saving energy at the same time.

And the convection feature makes this countertop oven more efficient as well; not only does it provide a great, crispy crust to bread and pies, but it finished the job in about two thirds the time of the regular oven.


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