Top 10 Tips to Get your App Published on the Play Store


Building an app is really a time consuming process and no doubt it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The app building process starts with an idea and the developer puts all his/her effort in creating the app.

If you are also an app developer you may have spend many sleepless nights and had worked really hard in building apps. Your hard work must be praised and it will be really a disaster if your app gets disapproved by the Play Store. For using a latest app, all you need is an updated smartphone, but when it comes to developing one, there are many factors that you have to take care.

The rejection will waste your countless hours and effort you have spent on planning, testing and building your app. Your entire journey will transform into a nightmare if your app will not get published on the Play Store. Follow best strategies to get your app approved and I have listed few of them in this post.

1.Provide Enough Details

If you will not provide enough details about your app, it may get disapproved by the Play Store. You won’t believe but this is one of the biggest reasons of app disapproval.

Your app will be reviewed by the Play Store’s review team and if they don’t find the description useful they may reject the app. Most of the apps get rejected because they don’t consist unique description and look similar to other relevant apps available. Make sure to provide a detailed description which makes your app stand unique in the crowd.

Few tips about creating a great description:

  • Provide instructions about how your app works
  • Describe its features
  • Your name and contact details
  • Provide relevant and useful images
  • Keep the description easy to understand and digestible

2.Retest Your App Before Submitting

Never submit your app without testing it multiple times. There are various tools available for testing apps and you must take advantage of those tools.

Android platform also provide necessary tools for app testing. Emulators are one of the most preferable sources for testing apps because it provides access to test app on a physical device. Doing this will help you in verifying all the UI elements of your app under real testing conditions.

3.Keep It Simple

Every app developer starts its journey from building simple versions of their apps and later upgrades them. You must also present the simple version of your app at the beginning.

Include the basics and eliminate unnecessary frills while at the initial submission of your app. Many of us don’t know that the process of initial app approval takes most of the time. Once your app gets approved you can later submit future updates and there will be higher chances of getting approved.

It will be a better idea to release the advance features of your app later. Almost every app developer does the same upgrades their app with time.

4.Learn from Past Mistakes of the Developers

Learning from past mistakes of others is the best technique to avoid those mistakes. Before start developing your app you must make effort to list the most common app developer’s mistakes.

Simply avoiding mistakes ensures higher chances of your app’s approval. Doing this will also help your app rising above the rest and this isn’t very difficult to perform.

Top mistakes made by app developers featured below:

  • Submitting incomplete app
  • Average design
  • Poor performance
  • Minimum functionality
  • A lot of copycats

5.Android Marketing License

Android marketing license is an optional facility available for the developers. Many app developers don’t find it worthy and give less interest in using it.

If you are also thinking about not using Android market license it may harm your app performance in the future. If you are creating a paid app then Android market license helps you in gaining full legal control over your app.

6.Fix the Technical Errors

It happens when you worked harder and done everything wrought and your app gets rejected. This can be no doubt hugely discouraging and it is true that almost every developer face this problem.

If you fail you have to bounce back and restart with improvised version of your app. Review the reasons of rejection carefully, outline them and work on fixing them.

  • Check your app multiple times before submitting
  • Many bugs are often overlooked
  • Go for a beta tester to find bugs

7.Never Violet the Rules

Play Store is very clear about their guidelines and policies. This helps the users to review the guidelines before submitting their app.

It may seem easy but it is quite difficult. A casual review of the rules and guidelines may not ensure your app’s approval by the Play Store reviewers.

8.No Demo Apps

It’s good to submit simple apps at the starting but it doesn’t means to go with a demo or beta app. It isn’t appropriate to make it too simple.

Play Store and Apple also does not approve beta apps or even take consideration of these kinds of apps.

9.Take a Look at the Similar Apps

Play Store prefers original and unique apps. If you want to get sure approval of your apps then you must follow look for the similar apps and follow the general outlines.

Observe carefully other relevant apps of your genre. The Play Store reviewers more likely to approve a particular app if that app resembles other similar approved apps.

Things to consider in a similar app:

  • Overall features
  • Graphics
  • Layout
  • Design elements
  • Look for the latest trends in the app world
  • App’s description

10. Have Patience

Typically, Play Store takes few weeks to approve the app but sometime the approval process may be more time consuming.

Have patience and wait for the verdict. In case your apps get disapproved, the Play Store will provide you the reasons for doing the same. You will be able to know what exactly went wrong and thus it will be easier to fix the problems later.

Final Note:

There are more than thousands of Android and Apple apps developed each day all over this blue planet but the bitter truth is that most of them get rejected by the Play Store and Apple Store.

If you are going to submit your app for the first time you must look for the tips to get your app published easily on the Play Store. The tips featured here will surely help you in getting your app approved with less hassles.


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