Top 5 digital marketing trends in the present year


When, at first, we decide to start our own business we think about the advertisements. We cannot let the world know about our product or our work without advertisement, so the best way to show the world our work is through digital marketing. The world will notice your products or services every day through social media app and your business will gain more response from the public. Your work will be shown in different links, media, websites, and other popular web pages. Nowadays, digital marketing is getting famous among the youth because it requires minimal investment to promote your work online which makes it a cost-effective tool.

Here are 5 digital marketing trends of the current year

  • Mobile campaign- Smartphones are the latest technology that has captured the market for a long time. There is not a single person who does not own them. As of earlier Google had found that 60% of all searches come through the phone. It is easier to carry a phone than to carry a desktop. So, the youths do most of their official work in the phones for saving time and also for convenience. It becomes much easier and effective when you promote your ventures among the customers with the help of these digital media.
  • Marketing through videos– While watching series or movies online, advertisements pop up in between. Although viewers may not find it appealing but that is a marketing strategy.Videos are the major sources of promotion in our day to day life. They can be quite useful to spread awareness or increase popularity for your brand. Viewers may also find some of the content to be interesting.

  • Use of voice technology– Voice marketing has been a trend in the digital marketing industry for a long time. For example, Google and Amazon echo have introduced voice searches to promote their company and devices. It has become easier nowadays to search for anything, be it products, services or pictures through voice search because of its convenience. This voice search strategy has impacted the whole world and it’s getting advanced day by day.
  • Increasing popularity of Instagram– Instagram is now one of the widely used social media of our generation. In some days Instagram will be passing the maximum number of downloads on the internet, making its place in the top 10 widely used apps after Whats-App and Facebook. At present people are using Instagram more than Facebook. In Instagram at the beginning, we were able to upload pictures but now we can also search our beloved people, text them and see them with video chat from any part of the world. Instagram will be gaining much more popularity in the upcoming days.
  • Facebook– Facebook is the most and commonly used social media in our day. We can search for our friend, chat with them, upload photos, and promote our work or research. Facebook is the world’s first-ever social media app to be discovered. There are several options for creating pages and events to spread awareness and reach out to a vast section of people.

The bottom line is, without the help of social media, digital marketing would find it difficult to make its way. The above-mentioned trends are followed by all major companies and brands to create awareness among the public. In fact, due to its cost-effective, most companies have given up on traditional marketing strategies and resorted to digital ways. Hire the best SEO services in Noida from a reputed SEO company in Noida to optimize your site and content.The digital marketing industry is sure to develop in the upcoming years.


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