Understanding The Role Of Social Media In Digital Marketing To Generate Leads


Regardless of the type of business, it is very crucial to generate leads. Social media has become a common practice to convert casual visitors into leads. You might be having profiles on every social media platform but are you capable of generating the required traffic? The most important question that is are you converting the traffic into leads? Most of the marketers have a big misconception about social media that it doesn’t drive the quality traffic. Whereas the fact is that social media is 100% successful in driving potential customers as compared to other SEO tactics. But more important is to pinpoint the right social media channels to make the most out of the lead generation strategies.

Hence, social media strategies require effort but ultimately offers the marketers a phenomenal platform to interact with other businesses and also to build relationships and grow their brand.

Let us take you on a quick tour of the most effective ways that can make your brand stand out and drive more leads from your social media campaigns and seo specialist for Website.

The Basics

Audience: With the wide array of social media platforms, it is easy to generate more traffic but it is important to target the right audience as quality works not the quantity. Every social platform has its unique demographics that allow you to target the market accordingly. So, leverage the right channel and targeting methods to ensure you are visible to the valuable audience and your paid resources do not go to waste.

Posts: As we discussed above that social media is a platform to interact with customers and build bonds with like-minded people. But the question arises of how do you build bonds with social media and convert them into potential leads? The best way is to create quality and engaging content that your target audience loves to read. Moreover, posting the content at the best time of day will help you drive the required traffic, help the audience to engage with your content, and will increase your brand’s visibility.

Content CTA: Whenever promoting the posts, remember including strong CTAs to make most out of your resources. For instance, you can add the CTAs like attend a webinar, download an asset, and more. As these will help you determine the interests of your audience and whom you need to target.

Social Media Advertising

There’s no doubt that social media posts can engage the audience to some extent but social media ads are capable of targeting a highly specific audience and collecting the leads increasing the social engagement.

This means, being a business owner, along with your organic content posting you need to add paid promotion to get your posts seen. With the effectiveness of paid ads, most of the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer the lead generation targeted advertising at affordable costs.

Organize Interactive Contests 

Another effective way of generating leads for your business is to run contests on social platforms. As these excite the readers since they are getting a chance to win exciting prizes without any investment. If you include your products as prizes then it will be easy for your audience to determine what you are offering and will come back for more if they like your products.

But organizing the contests on social platforms requires some factors to consider. Make use of simple and engaging language to write rules and criteria for winning the contest. Furthermore, taking the help of influencers can help you increase your reach and target the highly relevant market.

Promoting your products or services with discounts and offers is yet another cost-effective strategy to seek the attention of the audience and generate high-quality leads.

Share Valuable Information Like Videos, Blogs, Infographics

Where social media allows you to share videos, blogs, and images it is crucial to post only the information relevant to your business. For instance, if you are publishing the content regarding selling the shoes and your business serves the household products then it will leave a negative impact on the audience. So, make use of videos, blogs, but these must be compelling and engaging enough to establish the networks with your target audience and acquire their attention.

Work An Email Trail

Even though blogs, videos, and infographics are capable of converting the traffic into leads but still businesses are lagging in carrying out a well-planned email sequence. However, many businesses put efforts in Email trail but fail because either they are not aware of how the emails should be sent or the email copy isn’t engaging enough.

So, if you want to produce as much as possible leads then you need to create engaging, impressive email copy, and sending five emails for five days in continuity. Where the first 4 emails should be informational and in the fifth email you can pitch your services so that the targeted subscriber gets converted into clients. Ultimately, well-planned emails can have a strong effect giving you benefits over your competition. 

Still in confusion of whether social media will work as a lead generator for your brand? Most of the businesses do not implement these key steps because they don’t want to make an effort but if you have that potential then putting efforts in these factors can help you stand out and generate more leads than expected. However, you can also employ the SEO service company in India and SEO freelancer in Delhi to leverage social media for lead generation and build long-term relationships. All the Best!

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