Website improvement and rankings road map.


Owning  a company  website remains a key ingredient in any business operation across the globe. With Millions  of businesses scrambling for clients through their websites, it has now become clear that online platforms remain the cornerstone of most companies. To curve a niche in any sector, websites and blogs are paramount in creating an interactive gateway for people to access your services.

1.Why every business should have a website.

Reduces cost of advertising

Advertising cost has been skyrocketing due to  high cost of copy writing. Owning a website saves the costs incurred for advertising  therefore reducing on operation costs in running a business.


A website is a better tool recommended  as far as advertising and marketing is concerned. A business can easily embrace facebook ad feature along with search Engine optimization to boost  website ranking on search engines  therefore earning you more clients leading to increased sales.

Other reasons why you need to invest in a good website for your business;

1.Enables you to target a bigger audience

2.Provides a platform to show your work

3.clients get informed about your services

4.Saves on advertising costs

5.Business gains credibility

6.Saves time.. you don’t need to move around telling people about what you do since they can easily access the information online through your website  url.

7.Can be used to improve customer service through feedback from the contact page.

8.Your business will show up on google search results

9.Showcase your products and services

In other words; Your online presence also supports marketing campaigns, customer service, client relationship building, brand recognition, and almost  all aspects of the revenue stream. Linking your website with marketing systems , like email marketing, helps you reach new customers and generate repeat business.

3.What makes a perfect business website?

1.Generate a brand strategy for your website

2.Generate website traffic

3.Apply perfect search engine optimization to knock down competition

4.Ensure fresh quality content

5. Ensure easily navigated site map

6.Easy to access contact information

7.Use  a killer theme. first impressions matter-use designs that are friendly to online users.

8.Insert client testimonials to win trust of potential clients.

9.Use call to action buttons .i.e sign in or inquire for a free quote.

10.Ensure the website is user friendly

11.Work on site loading speed if possible add necessary plugins

12,Use landing pages where possible.

4. Site  ranking

It’s the most critical aspect of any website or blog. The google platform is flooded with millions of websites offering various services across the globe. This begs the question as to why some sites have traffic while others have none. Some websites wreck in millions of dollars through the contact page while others either make half the amount or none. This is determined by the amount of effort invested in ensuring the site is visible on the front pages of google. This means sites that get to the first page of google are likely to get more visitors opposed to others due to  easier accessibility  in search engines. Most people always resort to investing in black hat SEO for the sites to rank forgetting the key ingredient that if well executed will sustain good results.

In normal and verified circumstances, site ranking process takes approximately 6 months. whoever applys anything below that seem to use other strange means using software that might eventually harm your site in the long run or may not produce sustainable results.

The following  are sustainable and affordable ways of ensuring sustainability in web/blog ranking;

1.Lay the ground work

2.Conduct a  keyword research

3.Check the competition

4.consider intent-meaning thoughts that make a client make  a purchasing decision.

5.Conceptualize the content


7.Optimize your keywords

8.Publish content

5.How to get  relevant traffic for your site;

1.Perform on page Search engine optimization- off page/on page  and local SEO.

2.Ensure the site gets listed…

3.Post on social media platforms using hashtags

4.Use landing pages—this creates an attractive outlook and to collect contacts

5.Target long tail keywords

6.Introduce email marketing

7.Advertise online.. you can pay for advertising either through bing or google ads though unsustainable since it has a short life span. In some cases facebook ads apply to a certain extend.

8.Do guest blogging—This  applys to get backlinks for your site from sites with relevant traffic. The move ensures your site get more traffic from a relevant site linked to it.


The process involves site analysis, keyword research on ranking keywords. Work on alt tags, meta tags and meta descriptions. Improve site speed, conduct on/off/local Search engine optimization, install plugins i.e incase images on the site aren’t optimized making the site not able to load fast, check on site desk top and mobile compatibility, do guest blogging, most blogs with rich relevant traffic charge upto 50 $ to get space to post for backlinks, bing and google  ads ( for fast traffic- expensive though not sustainable upon expiry of the paid period),blog design for each site do offer reviews and ensure fresh content-this is used to market the companys brand through reviews and getting backlinks. Site and blog monetization-meaning once the site has enough traffic it will be submitted to ad networks that will advertise through it and pay per impression or clicks.

The total cost for a 6 months period is 1000 $ for the entire process with expected maximum results.


Improve your website ranking in a safer way and avoid short cuts that might harm your site. By so doing you will achieve sustainable results.


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