What are some of the secrets to success?


There is no straightforward recipe for success. Every individual’s success story is unique and shaped by his own experiences and perspectives. But there are some common factors that don’t differ from person to person usually. And kind of relatable to all. I usually encounter moaning, complaining friends and peers always feeling resentful for not being able to succeed. This sense of dissatisfaction gets doubled when they find their peers succeeding or even excelling in their fields. What is it that makes some stand out amongst the crowd as a matter of envy for others.

It’s all about attitude

Your thoughts define your persona even for the things you don’t want to admit. Many times one needs to take a sneaky look inside themselves. It is to have an objective analysis of where they fall short? A positive outlook for life can transform many realities. You might belong to socially deprived classes but your vision and confidence in yourself can take you upward in social mobility. But a disgruntled person always looking down upon himself and blaming his predicament for his failure can never rise. Not every person is born with a golden spoon. Many make their way along wild sea waves. Some spend ages accusing destiny, parents, or circumstances.

One has to believe in themselves to move forward. A vision is all that it takes. Neither Bill Gates nor Mark Zuckerberg was born to royal families. It was their determination and sheer confidence in themselves that made them one of the most successful people on Earth. Therefore develop a rational optimism to make your mark. Yes, rational because overrating one’s self-importance can also push some backward. Be realistic in your goals.

Strike a balance in your emotional/mental equilibrium

It’s our left part of the brain that controls our logical activity and right that controls our emotional side. For some their one part is dominant on the other. It’s an improper personality make up that can affect human decisions. You need emotions to feel inspire and motivated and rationality to make sound decisions. But overdose of either is upsetting. Never let one suppress the other part. For example, if you let fear rules your mental activity. Your thinking capacity stops working. Likewise fear of failure is what doesn’t let many pursue their dreams and fulfill them. Similarly, when you reach your goals these factors are necessary to sustain success. If you act too emotional it can adversely affect your career. Getting touchy-feely over every piece of advice or constructive criticism that your supervisor or employer gives you can make a fool out of you. Similarly being overly rational even at the places where empathy is needed can push your coworkers or employees away. A really successful person is one who can handle teamwork. Not the one who is always an odd one out.

And how to build and sustain a solid teamwork

If you are an employer

Remember that an employee is as human as yourself and bears self-respect. And that he is not exchanging it in return for monetary gains. Even if you are to criticize, do it in a most effective manner. It can kill a motivation of an otherwise highly energetic and committed staff member. Always seek their counsel and make them a part of your decision-making process. This way they will feel valued and more resolved to serve you with integrity.

If you are an employee

Always maintain your work quality and communicate clearly. Be compliant with the company’s decisions and never forget to share your vision and ideas for its progress. If you are overloaded with work, negotiate for better terms with your employer. Tell him it can affect your productivity negatively. Be vigilant of your commitments and don’t make hefty claims that you are unable to follow.

For your co-workers

Your colleagues can range from allies to frenemies to straight away bullies. It’s your job to handle them prudently. Don’t react to their maneuvers. Ignore them and try to build reasonable alliances to be at your side when needed. Don’t get too personal with your work buddies it can give them reasons to exploit the situation at some later point. Be professional but if someone goes out of hand then talk to your seniors or HR. They are experienced in handling such situations.

In time management lies success

Time is precious, value it. Whether you are an employer or an employee managing time is a big challenge. For employers because they need to understand the productivity of their workforce. And for staff members, because they want to keep themselves disciplined. The problem of both sides can be tackled with one solution. Reliable staff time monitoring software. Yes subscribe to one and liberate yourselves from the hassle of counting minutes and entering them manually. You can keep track of time spent on each and every task and raise your productivity levels within days.

Author Name: Jason Cohen

Bio: I am precisely described as a tech junkie working in content development for a thriving start-up: Staff timer App. Literature lover by default. My interests range from politics to social issues, books to tech trends, gadgets, marketing techniques and so on.


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