Will Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a function of developing, implementing and managing the marketing schemes that promote the product of the company its services. Digital Marketing will help you to see the target market easily. It allows direct interaction with the customers. It is more understandable by the customers.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a way through which the company does its ads. Few examples of traditional marketing are print media, radio, television, broadcast television and so on. There is a lack of direct communication with customers. It does not allow a direct way of talking by the customers because it might be difficult in this case.

Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing

What do you think which one is better? Digital or Traditional? If we talk about traditional, then there are various types of methods that were used during the past few years. Like the newspaper, magazines and so on. These are still preferred but today’s generation wants all as fast as possible. Which we also term as digitization. Hence, it is proven that today’s generation wants more of digitization than traditional methods. Therefore, one needs to work in the same way. Otherwise, also, today’s generation is found of new technology which they are developing and working on it. Isn’t it nice? How we develop new methods and work on them.

Few Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

1. Needs Less Cost

Traditional marketing always adds up more cost to your investment. Let us take an example: to publish an ad in the newspaper, one had to give printing order, then it had to be distributed by someone and the expenses continuous to adding up creating a huge sum in the end. On the other hand, digital marketing creates awareness about any product or any services through the internet.

2. Higher Interaction

Traditional marketing does not get a higher exposure as today’s generation is not interested in reading newspaper nor in seeing news on television. Whereas they are just interested in reading the highlights on their mobiles itself. Which we term as digitization.

3. Quick Results

Digital marketing win here without any argument. It provides us with the best-hidden results which a normal man cannot think about it. Whereas traditional marketing may take a lot of time in getting results so that they can start their business.

4. Brand Development

Internet is used by more than half of the population in the world. And this platform is one of the best platforms to advertise your brand as most people use the internet rather than reading a newspaper.

5. Higher Engagement

Traditional marketing consumes a lot of time in making an accurate report for the next steps. Whereas digital marketing is an ongoing process for making a report. As it directly deals with the customers, then can feedback anything. This type of feedback helps us to make changes according to our targeting customers.

6. Finding The Target Audience Easily

With the help of technologies, one can find out the target market easily. If once the identification of the target is done, then it is very easy to make new customers and to maintain the old once.

7. Less Investment

Digital Marketing requires less input cost than traditional marketing. This is because cost per unit of work is less in digital marketing than in traditional marketing.

Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a fast and rapidly growing sector. Its opportunities are not only available in India but also outside India. In fact, in the past few years, people have seen a rise in the jobs of digital marketing so they have started finding the best institutions of it. The basic work of a digital marketer is to promote the company or its services on the internet. Skills and hard work matters the most in such type of job positions. Even the students who are fond of doing such type of things can also join it.


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